Monday, October 31, 2005

Attention Irish Immigration Authorities

Just posted on National Review Online's group blog, The Corner:

OK, it’s not quite the Thrilla in Manilla but I’m heading to Trinity College in Dublin tomorrow to debate the resolution: “This house believes that George W. Bush is a danger to world stability.”

My latest Scripps-Howard column is on this theme – but I’d be grateful for suggestions for additional strong arguments I might make.

First things first. One of the debaters (is it Phil or Hist?) should ask Cliff about this recent quote, via Atrios:

There were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. The mystery is what Saddam Hussein did with them.

The fact that Cliff is blegging for arguments maybe suggests he's anticipating problems. Anyway, we can't let that multiply-wretched title for his post go. 'Fire' and 'Eire' don't rhyme, and for reasons too complicated to go into here, we citizens of the Republic of Ireland tend to bristle when the country is referred to as 'Eire' anyway, although it depends on the context, but now we're straying into that much longer post we said we'd avoid.

So we hope someone heads along to the Rumblin' in Dublin (no worse than his title) and asks where Saddam hid those Dubya-MDs.

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