Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Dubya's Sloppy Seconds

Surely it can't be a good idea for an aspiring leader of the Tories to be using baked-over George W. Bush rhetoric, one that even his allies now wince at? Yet ...

Mr Cameron said he wanted a Conservative party "that has the courage to renew and change" - and he vowed to fight for "modern, compassionate Conservatism".

That's from the BBC report. The Times Online report makes it clear that others in the conference hall were not impressed:

[Cameron quote] "Let the message go out from this conference: a modern, compassionate Conservatism is right for our times. If we go for it, if we seize it, if we fight for it with every ounce of passion, vigour and energy from now until the next election, nothing and no-one can stop us."

It was a message that many in the conference hall seemed keen to hear, applauding him after each ringing phrase. Not everyone was so impressed, however, and there was groaning from some parts of the hall.

However, the groaners were not ejected.

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