Tuesday, October 11, 2005

This day in Presidential incoherence

From Dubya's interview, hammer in hand, with NBC:

We had chopper drivers pulling people off roofs;


Q [Carolyn Maloney (Democratic House member)] said that we aren't asking the people of Iraq to pay back the money we're spending there - why are we asking the people of the Gulf Coast, requiring them to pay back this money. How would you respond to that?

THE PRESIDENT: Well, the people of Iraq are paying a heavy price for terrorism. A lot of people are dying, Matt.

Interest on loans substitutable for deaths from terrorism.

Q So in other words, if someone says to you, okay, you're moving a wall today and it's a photo op, but if that inspires someone else in another community to move a wall and grab a hammer, then that's mission accomplished?

MRS. BUSH: That's right.

She didn't say whether there would be a resulting banner on an aircraft carrier.

Q Who would take the lead in [avian flu response] Would it be a military situation? Would it be homeland security?

THE PRESIDENT: It's a really interesting question, and it's one that I raised that has created a little bit of consternation among some. I have said that there may be a catastrophic event such that the federal government has got the - it's only the federal government that has got the capacity to move in quickly with a lot of resources, which would require law changes. For example, the military cannot become police without a special proclamation.

And so we're planning all this out. We're in the midst of, one, identifying that there may be a problem, and, two, what to do about it. When I have a plan that I'm comfortable with, of course I will talk to the American people about it.

The plan for avian flu is that there is no plan.

UPDATE: He's in Mississippi now. Excerpted remarks: blue ribbon .. blue ribbon .. blue ribbon .. blue ribbon .. blue ribbon .. blue ribbon.

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