Saturday, December 04, 2004

New York Dogs do it Dublin style

We were fans of James Wolcott's writing long before he started his fine blog. Who amongst us doesn't remember his brilliant review of Independence Day for the New Yorker -- reading his review being a much more worthwhile use of time than that atrocious movie itself. His line likening Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum and their mission to save Earth with Cornel West and Michael Lerner and their similar quest -- we're still laughing.

But anyway, we can help Mr Wolcott out with one thing today. He reports:

During a recent visit to the Animal Medical Center, I was graciously presented with a complimentary copy of a new magazine, courtesy of John Ryan, a name unfamiliar to me. The magazine was New York Dog, Ryan is president and C.E.O. of the company that publishes it,

Indeed. John Ryan is an Irish magazine impresario. He's proven to have the perfect business sense for Celtic Tiger Ireland (or Oirland), most notably with VIP magazine, which suits all of you who feel that you don't know enough about Cecelia Ahern, Eamon Dunphy, Gay Byrne, Pat Kenny etc -- yes, we know our international readership is rushing to their out-of-town magazine store right now to get a copy. To be fair to Ryan, he did have the guts to try and publish a magazine called Gay Ireland, which was not a success.

But anyway, he has since moved to New York, noticed an unfilled niche for a New York-centric pampered canine mag, and (perhaps most importantly of all) made friends with Cindy Adams at the New York Post. So if you like New York dogs as they are, you'll love them with a little Oirish attitude added. If you don't, then it may finally be time to head for New Jersey.

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