Monday, January 10, 2005

Attention Irish Immigration Authorities

OK, so figuring out who the US is hiding on those planes stopping at Shannon is maybe too difficult, but here we have a case where a bunch of undesirables are announcing their intention to enter the Irish Republic, and even providing the dates on which they plan the stunt. We refer of course to the forthcoming National Review cruise -- that would be the pro-segregation National Review, the "gay + muslim + black = threefer" National Review, the economically illiterate National Review.

Roger Ailes (not the bald repulsive one) has done Trojan work tracking previous versions of this event, in which rich idiots pay lots of money to be on a cruise ship with NR luminaries, but we felt that an intervention was necessary since the next cruise is coming to Ireland.

The speakers include all the usual headcases from the mag and we really wonder if Larry Kudlow's cocaine conviction is not enough to at least keep him out of the country (or the UK, which is also part of the cruise). Anyway, the key parts of the itinerary for keeping track of their time in the Republic are:

July 11, Mon., At Sea
Morning & Afternoon Seminars and Cocktail Party
July 12
Waterford, Ireland
July 13
Dublin, Ireland
Evening cigar and cognac smoker
July 14
Liverpool, England

It's too easy to point out (but we will anyway) that the National Review is pretty much always At Sea logically speaking, so we're not sure what's so special about July 11th in that regard. It's also noteworthy that they are crossing the Irish Sea twice, coming back to Belfast from Liverpool on the 15th, which suggests that someone maybe figured out that July 12th wasn't such a great day to show up in Belfast (Paul Johnson, perhaps?), necessitating a reworking of the schedule.

A wide range of accommodations starting at around $5,000 is available, but there are huge savings to doubling up. We don't know if the featured speakers are also available as roomies. Is that Rich Lowry a looker or what?

UPDATE 12 JULY: Don't say we didn't warn you, Waterford. Jonah Goldberg checks in on the road:

AT SEA [Jonah Goldberg]

Sorry for the radio silence. Been at sea and all that ... Anyway, we're in Waterford -- where they make the crystal. So I think we'll duck into town and buy a crystal baseball mit or maybe a cricket bat. Something really practical.

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