Thursday, July 28, 2005

It depends what the meaning of foreign is

Some followup on the previous post. The welcoming statement from the White House for the IRA cessation opens with a weird area of emphasis:

Consistent with the IRA's commitment to "the development of purely political and democratic programs through exclusively peaceful means" and to "not engage in any other activities whatsoever," we understand that the IRA and its members will no longer have any contact with any foreign paramilitary and terrorist organizations.

which reads to us like one last nod to David Trimble, who had marketed himself in Washington on the basis of IRA linkages to the FARC and even al Qaeda. There continues to be abundant web commentary on the IRA move;, so we'll just discuss one here. Like Sullywatch, we're baffled at the conclusions that Andrew Sullivan substitute Judith Klinghoffer is trying to draw from the IRA announcement. If we could discern what the content of her analysis is, we might have something to say about it. But since her general message as Sully's stand-in this week seems to be that the global security situation is improving more quickly than generally perceived, the IRA move gets slotted in as a positive for the GWOT GSAVE.

UPDATE: That's certainly how the usual VRC suspects are interpreting her; Instapundit:

JUDITH APTER KLINGHOFFER is guestblogging over at, and she's listing quite a few signs of progress. Just follow the link and scroll up for more.

[Note: we briefly had this post as an addendum to the previous one but it was getting too long so it now appears on its own]

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