Thursday, August 11, 2005

Powerline Toffee

If the pseudo-authoritative rantings ("the earth's climate ... determined, as always, by variations in the energy emitted by the sun") of Time magazine's Blog of the Year, Powerline, make a fine main course, the three tools who run it decided that the web could use a little Powerline desert in the form of a newswire page and a whole bunch of links, because there's really so little of that on the web already. Mike Power (no relation) accurately summarises:

It's slow, it's feeble, it's SHITE!

But there is one missing link, if you will, from their sidebar: to Everton Football Club, which is the House Team of Powertools. Yet another reason to be a Liverpool fan, and while the teams are not in direct competition yet, if we remember right the arrangement that got Liverpool into the Champions League this year after winning it last year, Liverpool benefit financially if Everton get knocked out by Villareal next week, because there'll be one less team in the England TV money pot. The non-link indicates a lack of faith on Powertools' part, but with George W. Bush to support, there's only so much love to go around.

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