Sunday, April 02, 2006

Guinness for (perceived) strength

Powerline's "Hindrocket" reports on a Minneapolis Star-Tribune sociological analysis of the drinking habits of local liberals and conservatives:

The interesting thing was that liberals apparently have socialized beer drinking, while conservatives remain ruggedly individualistic:

-- When a group of diehard liberals gathers on Wednesday nights at the 331 Club, they all throw money into a kitty and share pitchers of beer. They talk about social issues, local political races, or if all else fails, football.
When a group of diehard conservatives gathers at Keegan's [Irish Pub] on Thursdays, they pay their own tabs. And they drink Guinness or an expensive import. Rather than blather on about politics, they turn their attention to a game of trivia.--

While "Hindrocket" looks at this anecdote and sees rugged individualism, it would seem to say more about susceptibility to marketing and disposable income. And note the acknowledged conservative aversion to discussing, like, politics. Finally, does the separate payment mean that the conservatives don't trust each other not to run out before the bill arrives?

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