Sunday, November 05, 2006

Getting out the Supreme Court voters

Towards the end of a comprehensively delusional interview by Dick Cheney on ABC --

Q No, you don't think it's going to hold down turn-out [the Ted Haggard affair]. Are you worried about conservative turn-out? You worried about it crumbling?

THE VICE PRESIDENT: You always worry about turn-out. You always focus on it. And the key to our success, I think, both in 2000 and 2004 has been we had a first class turn-out operation.

To state the obvious: the 2000 election turned on the design of ballots in Palm Beach County, the decisions of the state official in charge of elections, Republican Katherine Harris, and the 5-4 decision of the US Supreme Court to select George Bush as President. If had depended on turn-out, Al Gore, who got more voters nationally and more voters in Florida who intended to vote for him, would have won.

[This is another example of the Right's bizarre amnesia about how recent elections have been decided. One possibility in the above is that Cheney meant to say 2002 and not 2000, but he said what he said]

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