Thursday, June 28, 2007

Fight the hordes

The latest version of the US Immigration bill died in the Senate today. This leaves millions of Mexicans (and thousands of Irish) in immigration status limbo. One jubilant post from Kathryn Jean Lopez at National Review's The Corner captures the forces at work in pressuring Senate Republicans to block the bill --

an enthusiastic kudos to Rush [Limbaugh] and Sean [Hannity] and Mark [Krikorian] and Laura [Ingraham] and Bill [Bennett] and Hugh [Hewitt] and Michelle [Malkin] and Mickey Kaus and Powerline and the Heritage Foundation

-- which, if one was drawing up a catalog of the loony right, would be an excellent list to start with. Among the ironies is that this same crowd will instantly pivot back to support any Bush policy predicated on the belief that "the west" is being "outbred" by Muslims -- having just helped defeat the addition of 12 million mostly Catholics to the legal population of the USA. The idea must be that 12 million are supposed to be breeding for freedom back in their own countries.

Even at The Corner though, there is a jarring note of insouciance in the victory celebrations, as former Maggie acolyte John O'Sullivan (and is anyone keeping track of the numer of Irish surnames in the anti-immigrant crowd?) who sends congratulations but notes ...

I have been cheering on from the sidelines of other obligations. (I'm writing this from Portugal)

Imagine the reaction from these people if someone prominent in favour of the immigration bill had been e-mailing in their thoughts from another country?

UPDATE: You can't parody the Corner. According to Mark Krikorian, the immigration bill itself was symbolic of the Muslim hordes --

It's just that they [pro-immigration bill] went from their usual tactics of piecemeal, behind-the-scenes victories, buried in appropriations bills and little-known courtrooms and bureaucratic offices, and tried to get the whole enchilada — trying to emulate something else that happened on June 28, the Turks' defeat of the Serbs at the Battle of Kosovo in 1389, leading to Ottoman conquest of all southeastern Europe.

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