Monday, March 17, 2008

Bertie hearts Hillary

Apparently it was an expansive Bertie Ahern chatting to the meeja in Washington today. Among the most notable elements was his standing up for Hillary Clinton regarding her claim to have been closely involved in The Peace Process -- which apparently extended to telling Barack Obama to lay off the talking points suggesting otherwise:

The Taoiseach also criticised those who have tried to downplay Hilary Clinton's role in the peace process, saying that she had played a key role along with her husband. He said it would be 'very unfair for anyone to take that away from her' and said this had been accepted by Senator Barack Obama in their phone call this morning.

Bertie also correctly assesses that the McCain-Kennedy immigration bill which would have helped the illegal Irish immigrants (inter alia) is a dead duck in an election year. One suspects that he thinks it won't be a President McCain signing it if it comes back in 2009.

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