Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Fume free school zone?

For a change of pace, a little city blogging. The picture above is the children's playground behind Francis Junior High School in Washington DC. Immediately outside the fence, 3 huge buses are parked. Besides the physical obstruction, the bus on the right (TN plates, 0678 BA) has a motor running -- adding fume and noise pollution to the toddler playing experience. All buses are apparently unoccupied. A DC police officer states that while he understands the annoyance, the bus is probably not breaking any laws since it's running a generator and not its main engine, and in any event is not in a residential area.

So it's just the kids and their parents who deal with the fumes and noise. Local intelligence says the buses belong either to MTV's The Real World or the latest Reese Witherspoon vehicle, How do you know? How do you know whether the headache is due to low-level carbon monoxide poisoning or the constant hum of the bus motor?

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