Thursday, November 26, 2009

Yemeni rebels have Saudi POWs

As if it was news-dumped on Thanksgiving/Eid -- official statement from Saudi Ministry of Defence:

An official source at the Ministry of Defense and Aviation and General Inspection said that some media carried through their sources with the infiltrators attacking our country"s southern borders with Yemen pictures of persons who were said to be Saudi prisoners of war as a result of the military operations currently underway. For clarification, we would like to state that there are 9 missing of our people. We were not informed of their martyrdom or otherwise. They are:

1- Lieutenant colonel Saeed bin Mohammad bin Ma"atooq Ala"amri
2- Corporal A"aedh bin Ali bin Saeed Alshihri
3- Under sergeant Ahmad bin Ali bin Ali Madadi
4- Sergeant Mohammad bin Mohsin bin Sultan Ala"mri
5- Under sergeant Ahmad bin Abdullah bin Mohammad Ala"mri
6- Sergeant Miflih bin Jama"an bin Miflih Alshahrani
7- Corporal Ali bin Salman bin Ali Alhiqwi
8- Under sergeant Khalid bin Salih bin Omar Alo"oodah
9- Private first Yahya bin Abdullah bin A"amir Alkhzae"i

Their families are aware of their status and we are in contact with their families constantly.

The source said, "As we announce this, we hold all forces dealing with them fully responsible for protecting their lives. We also remind them of the Islamic Sharia (Law)-ordained rights and duties toward this category of fighters.

This is going to make for an interesting case study in what exactly Sharia law says about combatant prisoners.

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