Wednesday, October 06, 2010

The Sugar Party

This is a TV ad from Americans against food taxes -- a standard astroturf name for an industry lobbying group. The issue in this case is recurring proposals at various levels of government in the USA for taxes on empty calorie and fatty foods to deter some consumption and capture some of the societal costs the foods impose, particularly on child health. Watch here as the delivery of food industry talking points morphs into Sarah Connor like anger.

For economists, there's a particularly amusing line in a radio variant of the ad (which is not online yet) ..

They're trying to use taxes to control what we eat and drink ... where will it end? The government is getting way too involved in our personal lives.

Taxation being more intrusive than regulation, licenses, or outright bans?  Then again, this is a country where the original independence trigger was not rule by a foreign monarch per se, but one who wanted to impose taxes.

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