Tuesday, March 08, 2011

At least it wasn't the bust of Churchill

Good Glenn Beck-worthy material from Barack Obama  --

PRIME MINISTER GILLARD:  No, it’s about 20 percent less in size than America.  But 20 million people, 20 percent less in size.  So that’s worth knowing.  Who knows anything about Australian-rules football?
      Q    Ask him.
      Q    I’ve watched a little bit.
      PRIME MINISTER GILLARD:  You’ve watched a little bit?  And what do you think?  Pretty tough guy?
      Q    It’s hard to understand.  (Laughter.)

     PRIME MINISTER GILLARD:  Okay.  I’ve been trying to describe it to the President.  It can be a bit hard to understand.
      PRESIDENT OBAMA:  She brought me an Australian football.  She was kicking it in my office.  (Laughter.)  Almost broke a bust of Lincoln.  It was really -- (laughter.)  That’s not true, guys.  Just making that up. 

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