Friday, July 01, 2011

Fascist party in "anti-Semitism" shock

This is the kind of thing that usually only pops up on a slow news day but it being the Friday of a holiday weekend in the USA, the above is apparently doing the rounds of the right-wing "OUTRAGE!" machine.  It's an online flyer for an event called by the Swiss far-right group Geneva Doesn't Comply (Geneve non conforme) declaring August 1 a day against Israel.

Suitably outraged, Jonah Goldberg posts the picture with the title "When Anti-Israel Becomes Anti-Jew part 28,901,011" and text "A Swiss political party's new poster."  You have to do a lot of digging even after the link to see that the group is both unapologetically neofascist and deeply marginal in Switzerland.  Or if, say, you had written a book on Fascism, you might guess at this possibility with the trident symbol displayed in the lower left hand corner of the poster. 

The message of course is that anyone in Europe who complains about the policies of Israel is the same as a bunch of Swiss loons who successfully worked up a provocative poster.

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