Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Cool customer

The Saudi Ambassador to Yemen finds time to argue about his accent with an associate of Al Qaeda kidnappers phoning with a ransom demand:

Al-Shudokhi: The group (Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula) has some demands which you can convey as they are. I am entrusted with this mission as a sign that everything is alright. I have been directed to talk plainly and tell you who I am and what is my name, since the state (Saudi Arabia) knows me.
Ambassador: Since the state knows you, why do not you tell me your name?
Al-Shudokhi: My name is Misha'al Mohammed Al-Shudokhi.
Ambassador: Are you from Qassim?
Al-Shudokhi: Yes, of course.
Ambassador: It seems that you have forgotten the accent of Qassim people.
Al-Shudokhi: No, I did not. We were brought up in Yemen, and this has affected my accent.
Ambassador: Qassim people would never lose their accent.
Al-Shudokhi: I am from Buraidah, take it as you like.

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