Monday, December 24, 2012


National Review's John Miller has a complaint --

Merry Christmas from Stanford
The prestigious university proves that the smartest people do the dumbest things: It has hired an atheist chaplain.

Which is just wrong. The original San Francisco Chronicle story from which this predictable OUTRAGE inaccuracy sprang was quite clear --

Hired in July by the Humanist Community at Stanford, a nonprofit group independent of the university, Figdor is one of 18 "professional leaders" at the Office of Religious Life who typically work with sectarian student groups that pay their salaries. A graduate theological degree is required for the job, and the leader is entitled to office space on campus, a parking spot and a Stanford e-mail address. The leaders guide students in whatever way is needed, whether offering advice or organizing events. 

But in what's been a thin War on Christmas, it was too good a non-story to pass up.