Thursday, April 25, 2013

Gulf Media Notes: 2

Saudi Arabia Friday news dump (noting that in Saudi Arabia, Friday is Wednesday) --

Tabuk, Saudi Arabia, Jumada II 14, 1434, Apr 24, 2013, SPA -- Director of police of Tabuk region Major General Matouk Al-Zahrani announced that Tabuk police has received, at about one o'clock afternoon, a tip that a car driven by an expatriate of U.S. citizenship was subject to a car collision and fire shooting by someone driving another car on a road in Tabuk city. He indicated no injuries resulting from the incident but just some damages afflicted the U.S citizen's car due to the collision and shooting. Major General Al-Zahrani also reported that the competent authorities of Tabuk Police had begun procedures for the criminal investigation into the incident. --SPA