Friday, January 24, 2014

Levels and changes

European Commission President in a phone call to the Ukrainian President --

During the telephone call, President Barroso made notably the following points: President Barroso deplored in the strongest possible terms the escalation of violence, and reports of violence against journalists, and expressed great concerns about the reports on missing persons. The use of force is not the answer to the political situation in Ukraine. He urged President Yanukovych to start immediately a dialogue at the highest level with the opposition. This is the President's role as Ukraine's Head of State.

European Commission President in a Davos schmooze with everyone's new BFF, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani --

President Barroso welcomed the interim agreement reached in November 2013 on the Joint Plan of Action and the start of its implementation on 20 January. Iran should use this window of opportunity with determination to move to a comprehensive long-term solution on the nuclear issue. This would open up the potential for an improved relationship and broader cooperation.

Does Iran not have its own episode of escalating violence against protestors and lack of dialogue with the opposition, not to mention its support for Bashar al-Assad's extreme measures in that regard? Yes. But not in the way that recently makes the headlines or elite cocktail chatter at Davos.