Friday, February 14, 2014

Norwegian thud

Quality Valentine's Day trolling on the Wall Street Journal op-ed page from Susan Patton (yes, that Susan Patton) --

Could you marry a man who isn't your intellectual or professional equal? Sure. But the likelihood is that it will be frustrating to be with someone who just can't keep up with you or your friends. When the conversation turns to Jean Cocteau or Henrik Ibsen, the Bayeux Tapestry or Noam Chomsky, you won't find that glazed look that comes over his face at all appealing ... Not all women want marriage or motherhood, but if you do, you have to start listening to your gut and avoid falling for the P.C. feminist line that has misled so many young women for years. There is nothing incongruous about educated, ambitious women wanting to be wives and mothers.

A scene from Ibsen's A Doll's House --

Helmer. To desert your home, your husband and your children! And you don't consider what people will say! 
Nora. I cannot consider that at all. I only know that it is necessary for me. 
Helmer. It's shocking. This is how you would neglect your most sacred duties. 
Nora. What do you consider my most sacred duties? 
Helmer. Do I need to tell you that? Are they not your duties to your husband and your children? 
Nora. I have other duties just as sacred. 
Helmer. That you have not. What duties could those be? 
Nora. Duties to myself.