Thursday, September 11, 2014

Better late than never

Josh Marshall --

Very Good Questions Has the world been bamboozled by the ISIS PR machine?

The link is to an AP story noting the effectiveness of ISIS exaggeration in making them seem more powerful than they actually are.

So who are these gullible media types who've been making ISIS seem all-conquering?

Here's Josh Marshall approvingly quoting an expert reader e-mail --

Why is ISIL so successful? Simply put they attack using simple combined arms but they hold two force multipliers – suicide bombers and a psychological force multiplier called TSV – Terror Shock Value. TSV is the projected belief (or reality) that the terror force that you are opposing will do anything to defeat you and once defeated will do the same to your family, friends and countrymen. TSV for ISIL is the belief that they will blow themselves up, they will capture and decapitate you and desecrate your body because they are invincible with what the Pakistanis call Jusbah E Jihad “Blood Lust for Jihad”. I have worked the Iraq mission since 1987 and lived in and out of Iraq since 2003. TSV was Saddam’s most effective tool and there is some innate characteristic of the Iraqis that immobilizes them when faced with a vicious, assuredly deadly foe who will do exactly as they have done to others – and they will unsuccessfully try to bargain their way out of death by capitulating.