Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The real victims

Speaking just now in the US House of Representatives, Louie Gohmert, Republican from Texas, has compared the injustice of the murders in Charleston South Carolina to the way Israel is treated in a UN report.

Update with exact text:

Of course, then there is the judge side of me. Having sentenced people both to prison and to death, the judge side of me says, from what we know, it sure cries out for the death penalty, but we will let the justice system in South Carolina take care of that. In the meantime, as we think about injustice, it is also hard not to think of our friends and our allies in Israel who have trouble finding any friends. They are persecuted on every side. We got this report from the U.N., an article talking about it from Marissa Newman of The Times of Israel: ‘‘Israel slams ‘politically motivated and morally flawed’ U.N. Gaza report.’’

Source: Congressional Record, House, 23 June, H4588.

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