Sunday, September 04, 2016

Agent Trump, Mission Accomplished

New York Times analysis pointing out that the Obama administration has to incentive to override its instincts and be more proactive on Syria because Syria has not been a campaign issue --

In another election season, these are the kinds of questions that would be hotly debated. But the foreign policy debate has instead revolved mainly around the fitness of the Republican nominee, Mr. Trump, to be commander in chief. Mrs. Clinton, analysts said, has other reasons for not being drawn out on Syria. “A clear imperative for the Clinton campaign is to stay as close as possible to President Obama,” Mr. Hof said. “That means neither looking for, nor emphasizing, areas of disagreement, such as Syria.”

Who has benefitted from this state of affairs? --

The Russians have been pressing their advantage in recent months, bolstering Mr. Assad’s military as it claims more territory from the C.I.A.-backed rebels and the Nusra Front [sic] and gaining leverage as the diplomacy proceeds at a glacial pace.

How devious of Vladimir Putin to consume the prominent likes of Josh Marshall and Franklin Foer with a tantalizing trail of Putin-Trump puppetry and so distract the entire campaign from Syria resulting in continuation of the default Obama policy towards Syria, which is what Putin actually wants!

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