Wednesday, January 25, 2017


Peter Thiel interview/profile in the New York Times a couple of weeks ago --

If the worst fears of annihilation seem plausible, Mr. Thiel can always invest more in his libertarian fantasy of a new society of Seasteads: islands at sea with their own rules, starting with a French Polynesian lagoon. “They’re not quite feasible from an engineering perspective,” he says. “That’s still very far in the future.”

Peter Thiel citizenship revelation explained by Stuff --

How did he get his citizenship? When? 

 Thiel became a citizen in June of 2011, the Department of Internal Affairs have said. The "how" is yet to be seen. Getting residence in New Zealand as a super-rich person is fairly easy - you really just need to invest more than NZ$1.5m in the country, a drop in the bucket for someone like Thiel. But citizenship requires a bit more. If you and your family aren't born in New Zealand, then you need to spend 240 days of every year for five years in New Zealand before being granted citizenship, or be granted special permission by the government.

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