Thursday, August 31, 2017


Donald Trump, in Missouri yesterday, making a sales pitch for a tax cut at a time when Texas is going to need a lot of money --

Fourth and finally, we want to bring back trillions of dollars in wealth that's parked overseas. Because of our high tax rate and horrible, outdated, bureaucratic rules, large companies that do business overseas will often park their profits offshore to avoid paying a high United States tax if the money is brought back home. So they leave the money over there. The amount of money we're talking about is anywhere from $3 trillion to $5 trillion. Can you believe that? By making it less punitive for companies to bring back this money, and by making the process far less bureaucratic and difficult, we can return trillions and trillions of dollars to our economy and spur billions of dollars in new investments in our struggling communities and throughout our nation.

Donald Trump's Scottish spokesman George Sorial, in November 2008 --

DONALD Trump has £1 billion in cash "sitting in the bank and ready to go" to fund the Menie Estate development in Aberdeenshire ... Sorial said: "The money is there, ready to be wired at any time. I am not discussing where it is, whether it is in a Scottish bank or what, but it is earmarked for this project. If we needed to put the development up tomorrow, we have the cash to do that. It is sitting there in the bank and is ready to go."

That quote later became a problem for Trump because he was saying that at the same time that he was suing Deutsche Bank for US$3 billion on the grounds that their loan terms had caused him financial problems on a Chicago development (and that he should be able to get out of the loan because the global financial crisis was force majeure).

Anyway, what ever happened to that £1 billion in cash?

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