Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Editing games

The Wall Street Journal opinion page for subscribers contains the following charming pitch for one piece:

The 9/11 Widows

Americans are beginning to tire of them.

Americans in this case means people who think the sun shines out of Dubya's butt. But anyway, on the public website, Opinionjournal, the same piece is pitched as follows:

Dorothy Rabinowitz's Media Log
Americans are beginning to tire of the activist 9/11 widows.

Notice how the plain old annoying widows from the newspaper site have morphed into "activist" widows on the public site. A concern perhaps that the more web-accessible version would need to be seen to limit its bile to a more select activist (=Democratic) group of the bereaved?

UPDATE: For a demolition of the substance of this VRWC slime, go to Sullywatch, with commentary and additional links.

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