Tuesday, April 20, 2004

The VRWC gets something right

Over the last few weeks, various elements of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy were abuzz with the theory that rising world oil prices were reflective of a deliberate scheme by the Saudis to help John Kerry win the election. This was an especially nice formulation for the most hardline anti-Saud contingent, providing a little word chain in which one could get John Kerry and insinuations about terrorism in the same sentence. Now indeed, the VRWC is right about the House of Saud -- it was their repressive fundamentalist stew that produced the philosophical inspiration and some large ratio, let's say 15/19, of the actual implementation of 9/11.

But not for the first time, the VRWC ended up floating a theory that now must be hastily forgotten. For instance, here's the Wall Street Journal online from about 3 spin point generations ago (March 31st):

[Link to news report about OPEC pushing for higher oil price]...So Riyadh is trying to push oil prices higher, at the same time as John Kerry is campaigning on the issue of high gasoline prices. Are our friends the Saudis thereby expressing their presidential preference?

The answer is of course, yes. The Saudis do have a preference, which from Bob Woodward's book, and the White House non-denial, is for Dubya.

UPDATE: the VRWC has some new spin to explain why the hated Saudis would be appearing to back Bush; as TAPped catches one of them explaining, it's because the Saudis really want Kerry.

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