Monday, February 28, 2005

Rugger 'n' Gangsta

Longtime readers will know that we like Snoop Dogg, such as in this tribute paid to his subsidy-free output. Therefore we'd really like to see pictures or footage of Snoop's appearance at Dublin's Point Depot/Theatre last week. Snoop was one of the guest performers at the Meteor [cellphones] Irish Music Awards, and the Irish Times review today (subs. req'd) brings us this nugget of information:

It doesn't help that when Snoop - possibly the thinnest man in hip-hop - dons an oversized Irish rugby jersey, he looks like a toothpick dressed in a tent.

Snoop was clearly showing a masterful command of the public mood, with the big rugby match against The Man (England) coming up later in the weekend, which Ireland won. But since he wears oversize sports shirts all the time (usually of the Pittsburgh Steelers), we're surprised the reviewer wasn't familiar with this look. Or maybe a rugger shirt fits differently. But anyway, Snoop also knew how to dish out the flattery to the Dublin G's:

"This is the livest motherf**kin' place on the planet," the motionless rapper hollers, inexplicably. Still, the crowd go wild.

This post now concludes without any lame attempt at an -izzle word.

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