Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Past, or passing, or to come?

From National Review's Mark Krikorian, noting a milestone on what the right (using Bernard Lewis as its source) views as a very long war --

We shouldn't let May 29 pass without noting the anniversary of one of the great tragedies of history, the Fall of Constantinople in 1453. Sure, the Byzantine Empire was already finished at that point, but its final snuffing out by the Turks was an important milestone in the jihad we continue to face.

It shouldn't need spelling out how bizarre it is to link the Ottoman empire to Osama bin Laden, not least given the fact that such a link is a favourite trope of Osama bin Laden. But then again, with George Bush and Dick Cheney having embraced Osama's "strong horse" view of the world, the adoption of his historical methodology by others should not be a surprise.

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