Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Knock off Fort Knox

There's a rapidly diminishing window for Bushisms so thankfully Laura Bush provided one in Kentucky --

I'm especially proud of being able to work with [Senator] Mitch McConnell on humans--

But Laura spent most of her time speaking on behalf of Brett Guthrie, running for Congress in Kentucky's 2nd US House district --

As Brett will tell you, he has been "down range" on a tank at Fort Knox. He knows how important this base is to the 2nd District -- and to our national security. Brett will work hard to support these jobs and to keep Fort Knox mission-critical. (Applause.)

So part of his platform is that he'll keep Fort Knox open -- a place which hasn't had a whole lot to do since Goldfinger and for which new missions that don't need to be done in Kentucky have to be invented. It sounds like the kind of pork-barrel military spending that John McCain is running against!

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