Saturday, November 15, 2008

One of them doesn't want to be there

You can scroll through the entire set of George Bush grip-and-grin photos with the arriving G20 leaders and not find one where Bush is as stiff as in the one with Australian PM Kevin Rudd. The issue being of course that Rudd almost certainly leaked the details of his October phone conservation with Bush where Bush said "What's the G20"? And that's after 8 years in the job, without even the Palin excuse of inexperience.

One other G20 note. France pulled strings to get in the PMs of Spain and Netherlands, neither of whom are G20 members. Thus one of John McCain's nightmares -- America's adversary, PM Zapetero at the White House, has come true. And the Dutch PM Jan Peter Balkenende had to turn around and go home due to the death of his father. An awkward start to the weekend.

UPDATE: Rudd was axed from the official photos photo selection, initially, on Saturday.

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