Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Another day in Liberal Fascism reasoning

James Von Brunn (the Holocaust Museum shooter) hated Christianity.

Hitler hated Christianity.

Some people who lead alternative lifestyles or believe in witches don't like Christianity.

Therefore, says Jonah Goldberg, Wiccans, feminists, and left-wingers in general are fascists! --

“Christianity,” writes Hitler in Mein Kampf, “was not content with erecting an altar of its own. It had first to destroy the pagan altars.” It was “the advent of Christianity” that first unleashed the “spiritual terror” upon “the much freer ancient world.” Large segments of the cultural left today subscribe to similar notions.

One brief point. Those leftie pagans are not obsessed with the Khazars the way actual Fascists were. That obsession represents something very large, something beyond the capacity of yah-booh pigeon-holing to capture.

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