Wednesday, February 10, 2010

It's funny because he thinks it's true

High quality reactionary terror pundit Andy McCarthy --

To the Brits, the Eurocrats, the American Left, and transnational progressives everywhere, this is somehow "tantamount to torture" because it amounts to "cruel, inhuman, and degrading treatment."

He's referring to the latest Binyam Mohamed revelations.

Blog flashback: this dance around the precise meaning of cruel, inhuman, and degrading goes back to the attempt of torture advocates in the USA to use Northern Ireland-related litigation to support their case.

UPDATE: McCarthy's ridicule is especially off-point since the 7 newly published paragraphs don't cover Mohamed's more serious allegations (read down a bit).

And Marc Thiessen is now ranting about the Mohamed case. As before, there is one angle he won't mention: Richard Reid, even though --

US authorities, however, said that while in Afghanistan Mr Mohamed fought on the front line against anti-Taleban Northern Alliance forces.

They claim he was cherry-picked by al-Qaeda because of his UK residency, and received firearms and explosives training alongside British shoe bomber Richard Reid.

Why is it that the Bushies want Reid to sit quietly in jail?

FINAL UPDATE: In a convoluted coda to the case, the 7 published paragraphs left out a judicial assertion that MI5 lied about what they knew about the torture.

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