Monday, February 01, 2010

Those weapons that they say don't have

An interesting geopolitical dance from neocon John Bolton --

“Providing additional equipment and capabilities will help protect the Arab states of the Gulf region against possible provocations or retaliation [from Iran], and also enhance the security of deployed American forces in the region.” The new equipment, he adds, “should, of course, be consistent with maintaining Israel’s qualitative edge in the region, which U.S. administrations have supported for decades on a bipartisan basis.”

i.e. the goal of proving weapons to the Gulf countries as a defence against Iran needs to be constrained by the need not to give them such good stuff that Israel's unmentionable stash wouldn't be as effective any more.

A nice illustration of the fact that a lot of the yelling and screaming about Iran is not really about Iran, per se. It's about a desire to maintain a particular distribution of power in the Middle East.

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