Saturday, July 03, 2010

The Hand of God takes it up a notch

Interview with Uruguay's Luis Suárez, the man who pushed the rules of soccer to the limit to benefit his team vs Ghana --

"Era la circunstancia del momento, no me quedaba otra situación y la mano de Dios la tengo yo ahora", dijo Suárez ... "Cuando me iba estaba mirando en la pantalla gigante y le pedía a Dios que lo erraran, y que pasara un milagro… y pasó", comentó casi incrédulo.

Roughly speaking ... it was the circumstance of the moment, I had no other option and the Hand of God, I have it now .. when I was watching on the big screen I asked God for mistakes (in the penalty kicks) and what will happen .. a miracle happened.

So God not only helped out with the handball but made the Ghanaians miss their kicks. That's some God!

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