Thursday, July 01, 2010

That's their man

Karl Rove uses this week's Wall Street Journal column to describe Barack Obama's supposed defeat at the G20 summit in Toronto, but as he assembles his evidence, this appears --

The European Union president (sic), Czech Prime Minister Mirek Topolanek, tore into Mr. Obama's stimulus and other spending policies in a stunning address to the European Parliament in March 2009, calling them "the road to hell" and saying "the United States did not take the right path."

One assumes that his summer intern could only find a couple of suitable G20 quotes so he had to dig up a 15 month old story to augment his case. And Mirek Topolanek is one of those where are they now people. His government collapsed in the middle of the Czech EU presidency, he had a cameo appearance in those embarrassing Berlusconi videos, and most recently he was in the news when ...

He said that Transport Minister Gustav Slamecka is a homosexual who "gives in" when he faces a serious problem." About Prime Minister Jan Fischer, he said, "he's simply a Jew; he's not gay and he gives in even sooner." Fischer is Jewish. Slamecka has not publicly commented on his sexual orientation. Topolanek also accused the Roman Catholic church of "brainwashing" believers.

The comments came in an interview for a gay magazine in which he provided the above pose.

And he's one of Karl Rove's inspirations.

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