Wednesday, June 08, 2011

There's always a camera

Wall Street Journal account of Barack Obama's meeting with the Crown Prince of Bahrain --

But the meeting, which an administration official said lasted just 15 minutes, underscored how skittish Washington is about appearing too close to Manama as Mr. Obama seeks to use his administration's diplomatic and financial muscle to help advance the "Arab Spring."   A number of Bahraini human-rights campaigners criticized the White House's hosting of the royal, arguing it could provide political cover for the ruling Khalifa family to continue its crackdown.

No photographs of the meeting were released, and the White House offered no platform for Mr. Obama or Prince Salman to deliver remarks. U.S. officials were so concerned about keeping Mr. Obama at a distance from the crown prince that the meeting was not even on the president's daily public schedule, as is customary.

Above, a photo on the Bahrain News Agency website story about the meeting.

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