Friday, June 24, 2011

Trust is for suckers

Slate's Jack Shafer, in praise of Wikileaks --

Why I Love WikiLeaks

For restoring distrust in our most important institutions ... The idea of WikiLeaks is scarier than anything the organization has leaked or anything Assange has done because it restores our distrust in the institutions that control our lives. 

Slate's Jack Shafer on Jose Antonio Vargas (via Mark Krikorian) --

I get on my high horse about Vargas' lies because reporter-editor relationships are based on trust. A news organization can't function if editors must constantly cross-examine their reporters in search of deliberate lies. I'm more disturbed with Vargas for lying to the Washington Post Co. (which—disclosure alert!—employs me) than I am about him breaking immigration law. 

To run with his latter example, reporter-editor relationships are based on trust, but local contact-US embassy staffer relationships are not?

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