Wednesday, February 01, 2012


A few sentences from Leaders' Questions in the Dail (Irish lower house) yesterday --

Deputy Gerry Adams:       Chonaic mé ar an teilifís aréir go raibh an Taoiseach agus an t-Uachtarán Sarkozy mar buddy-buddy agus chuir sé déistean orm nuair a chonaic mé cé chomh amaideach a bhí an Taoiseach. [roughly, I saw on TV the PM and Sarko being buddy-buddy and it bothered me to see the PM acting the idiot]

Deputy Micheál Martin:       An cairdiúlacht is precious i mo thuairim.

Deputy Gerry Adams:       This was at a summit which noted that 23 million people are out of work across the European Union. Bhí an Taoiseach ag imirt an amadáin le Sarkozy [PM was acting the idiot with Sarko] - agus dúirt seisean go raibh an pobal as a gcloigeann. How much extra austerity did the Taoiseach sign up to last night? What extra cuts and tax increases on low and middle income families will be required to meet the new 0.5% deficit ceiling?

In his state of the nation - or state of the State - address before the budget, the Taoiseach said, “I want to be the Taoiseach who retrieves Ireland’s economic sovereignty and who leads a Government that will help our country to succeed”. Yet last night he signed an austerity treaty that hands significant new powers over to the European Court of Justice and the European Commission, which are unelected bodies that impose economic policies on democratically elected Governments and which impose heavy fines when they believe these policies have not been adhered to. The Taoiseach also doggedly refuses to give the people their democratic right to have a referendum. How can he talk of restoring sovereignty on the one hand, and at the same deny citizens their democratic right to have a say on this treaty where he gives away more powers to unelected officials in Brussels?

The Taoiseach:       For Deputy Adams to get up here above everybody else and talk about meeting people, when he himself was buddy to some very shadowy creatures over the last 30 years------

A Deputy:  Colonel Gaddafi.

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