Saturday, August 11, 2012

Paul Ryan

There won't be a shortage of examples of what Mitt Romney has gotten into by picking Paul Ryan as his running mate. Here's one that we meant to note at the time, it's from a Ryan opinion article in the Financial Times last month:

Both political parties have fallen victim to “partnership” with large and well-connected companies, especially in energy, housing, finance and healthcare.

What rather significant chunk of government purchases from large private companies is missing from that list of sectors?

Incidentally, we also want to suggest a logo for the Romney-Ryan campaign.

UPDATE: With reference to our question above, it's worth noting that the announcement is being made in a naval base town, Norfolk Va., before an audience heavily populated with veterans. And going for the Irish ancestry as a working class credential, Governor Bob McDonnell doing the introductions referred to his grandfather from "Mayo County, Ireland."