Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Basil Fawlty has been located

Irish Times -- The landlord of a well known Dublin guesthouse has barricaded himself inside the premises and has refused to let anyone in, the High Court heard today. Desmond Killoran, who owns the Leeson Bridge Guest House on Upper Leeson Street, last week took up occupation of the guesthouse’s reception hall, and has nailed shut the front and rear doors and the emergency fire exit ...Last month AIB appointed a receiver over Mr Killoran’s interests in the premises. Mr Byrne was informed that as a result that appointment any rent due would have to be paid to the receiver. ... Mr Byrne’s said his staff and the guests have been effectively locked out after Mr Killoran entered the premises on January 2nd last. He tried to speak with Mr Killoran who told him that the lease had been terminated, that Mr Byrne’s insurance had been cancelled and that nobody else was coming through that door. He said he discovered Mr Killoran had broken into the reception desk and accessed his computers, visa machine, booking records and the master keying system and had recoded the system to bar him from accessing all but one of the guest rooms. As a result of Mr Killoran’s actions Mr Byrne said that he has had to make arrangement to find alternative accommodation for guests that had been booked in. Until the situation is resolved he cannot take any bookings.