Friday, January 25, 2013

She didn't claim to have won it on a horse

Irish Times --

A daughter of bankrupt businessman Seán Quinn has told the Commercial Court she received €379,170 under employment contracts with three Russian companies, which she signed without reading because they were in Russian. Aoife Quinn said the contracts covered the year July 2011 to July 2012, and her husband Stephen Kelly, brother Seán or cousin Peter would have told her they were employment contracts.  ... She understood she would receive a wage but didn’t know what work she would have to do or how much she would be paid when signing them. ...  She did not keep the contracts, which were returned to the companies. “Maybe I’m unusual but I’ve never kept a contract,” she said. Her salary was paid through Ocean Bank in Moscow and she had disclosed the sums in the Ocean Bank accounts, plus text messages from Ocean about the accounts, as she had never received bank statements from it.

While stretching credulity, her explanation of her financial affairs is no stranger than that of his affairs of Bertie Ahern, who ran the country for 11 years.