Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Making the cars run on time

Victorious conservative election campaign in Australia --

Tony Abbott, who wants to be known as the infrastructure prime minister, is proposing to accelerate infrastructure investment in order to help prop up demand as mining investment spending goes into decline.

Victorious conservative election campaign in Norway --

Norwegians voted in a Conservative ruling party led by Erna Solberg, ending an eight-year tenure for Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg that was marked by economic stability and an unprecedented domestic terror attack. ...  "Today, voters have given the Conservatives our best Parliament election results in 28 years," Ms. Solberg told her party members in a speech late Monday. "Voters have given us a mandate to go through with the Conservative policy of better schools, better roads and increasing Norway's competitiveness to ensure that Norway remains a welfare state," she added.

It's a little odd that it's the conservatives coming to power with the promise of big projects. Perhaps it's just the politics of late-boom resource rich countries. But see also HS2 and Boris Island.

It also points to one difference between American conservatives and their overseas counterparts, notwithstanding attempts of supporters of the former to say that there's potential of the recipe in the latter: conservatives in other places are not intrinsically afraid of sounding like they will build stuff.