Thursday, January 08, 2015

They didn't say it in English?

The Vox storystream on the Charlie Hebdo massacre is still claiming that among the things we don't know is "what the attackers motive was" even though there was lots of data at the start to draw reliable inference -- data-driven journalism! -- and now Le Monde has provided a gripping account of the shootings including:

Selon les propos des rescapés, ils ont crié « Allahou akbar » et « Vous allez payer , car vous avez insulté le Prophète » .

UPDATE: Vox's studied mystification regarding "motive" has finally disappeared on Friday morning, to be replaced by "Whether the attackers were targeting specific individuals or the magazine generally." If you kill lots of people who work for the same magazine ...

FINAL UPDATE: The motive mystification line is not being pursued at all in the case of the kosher supermarket siege.