Monday, April 06, 2015

If you spin a barrel bomb, it's a centrifuge

If we're going to ridicule Barack Obama, rightly, for his Yemen model of success, then how about Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (R-Al Quds) presenting as a good model for Iran -- Syria? (CNN State of the Union) --

If you said two years ago, if you said that the Syrian regime of Bashar Assad would remove all the chemicals from Syria, would destroy and remove, dismantle and remove from Syria all the materiel and weapons-making -- chemical weapons that they had, you would have said that's unrealistic. You know, that would have been true then. But the application of subsequent pressure on Syria produced exactly the result that we need here. So, what's unrealistic today with the sufficient application of pressure will become realistic for Iran tomorrow as well. 

Anyone who's been paying attention to the ground news from Syria knows that (a) chemical weapons have most likely been used by all sides, including Assad, since his stockpile was supposedly removed, and (b) the overall pace of killing has increased. That's what happens when you focus on one weapon and one type of use of a general capability.

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