Sunday, May 03, 2015

Poverty reduction through gravity

David Brooks, using the Baltimore disturbances as a platform, says we need to unlock the hidden dimension of relationships to truly understand poverty --

Jane Jacobs once wrote that a healthy neighborhood is like a ballet, a series of intricate interactions in which people are regulating each other and encouraging certain behaviors ... The world is waiting for a thinker who can describe poverty through the lens of social psychology. Until the invisible bonds of relationships are repaired, life for too many will be nasty, brutish, solitary and short.

David Brooks, around 6 months, ago in his ad-worthy riff on Interstellar --

But in the era of quantum entanglement and relativity, everything looks emergent and interconnected. Life looks less like a machine and more like endlessly complex patterns of waves and particles. Vast social engineering projects look less promising, because of the complexity, but webs of loving and meaningful relationships can do amazing good. As the poet Christian Wiman wrote in his masterpiece, “My Bright Abyss,” “If quantum entanglement is true, if related particles react in similar or opposite ways even when separated by tremendous distances, then it is obvious that the whole world is alive and communicating in ways we do not fully understand. And we are part of that life, part of that communication. ...”  

Could it be that we need to put some of that wasted anti-poverty money into NASA so that they can crack the gravity-coded relationship-healing message that we may already be sending our poorer selves?

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