Thursday, May 28, 2015

Tom Friedman style guide addendum

In his most recent New York Times column --

U.S. policy now should be “containment, plus amplification.” Let’s help those who manifest the will to contain ISIS, like Jordan, Lebanon, the United Arab Emirates and the Kurds in Iraq ... ,

Therefore, Friedman has dumped the term Arab "islands of decency" which had a fluctuating membership roughly corresponding to the above but also places he'd recently visited.

UPDATE 19 NOVEMBER 2015: The islands are back!

Fortunately, there is a third way: the autocracies, monarchies and a few frail democracies that have invested in their people and created islands of decency — Tunisia, Jordan, Lebanon, Kurdistan, Kuwait, Morocco and the U.A.E. — where more young Arabs and Muslims can realize their full potential and build their dignity by disrupting camels and cabs — not Paris and Beirut.

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