Saturday, September 05, 2015

Something else Angela might want to talk to Vlad about

In news that will shock only the White House national security experts, Vladimir Putin confirmed yesterday that Russia is providing active military support to Bashar al-Assad --

[Google Translate version of his remarks] But we already provide sufficiently serious support for Syria and technology, and military training, weapons. We have big contracts have been signed with Syria still five to seven years ago, we fulfill them all in full. So we are considering various possibilities, but until then, what you say, even on our agenda is not necessary. But we will hold consultations with our Syrian friends, and with the countries of the region. I have already said, with whom we exchange views on this issue and who are conducting a dialogue. Thank you very much.

Since Bashar al-Assad's indiscriminate use of weapons is part of the cause of the Syrian exodus, it's just one more reason why Russia presenting itself as any sort of honest broker on Syria is a sick joke. The picture above is Putin and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban during a recent harmonious visit of Putin to Budapest; they're cut from the same cloth, which is worth reflecting upon when Orban's motives for his recent behaviour are being divined. 

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