Thursday, November 26, 2015

Bobo dans La Maison Blanche

Peter Baker (New York Times) and Dana Milbank (Washington Post) have good analyses of the strange tone struck by President Obama's recent remarks on terrorism. Here's a section from his joint remarks with President Hollande, a president once ridiculed for being unable to control his women but now seeming like the epitome of resolution --

Since the attacks, Americans have recalled their own visits to Paris -- visiting the Eiffel Tower, or walking along the Seine. We know these places. They’re part of our memories, woven into the fabric of our lives and our culture.

His assumption that Americans relate to the Paris attacks because they've been there themselves may resonate with a lot of people, including the ones of readers of this blog, but in a country where many people don't cross a border much, if ever, it's a revealing assumption, and one that Republican primary candidates could exploit, if they were paying attention.

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